Two-year-old overdose leads to drug bust and three people arrested in Aitkin County

Friday morning in Aitkin County a two-year old was exposed to a controlled substance and overdosed but is reported to be stable. Three individuals have been arrested in connection.

They report that family members removed the child from the residence and eventually called 911 from a vehicle in the Garrison area. Crosby ambulance responded, CPR was administered and Naloxone (drug for opioid overdose) as well. The child was transported to Metro hospital by air ambulance for further care and is reported to be stable.

A search warrant was later executed in Aitkin County. Upon entry to the residence a different two-year-old in a crib was located in very close proximity to a plate of crushed fentanyl, while a ceiling fan was running overhead. Five juveniles were taken into protective custody from this residence. A protective hold was also placed on the juvenile in the hospital.

Authorities arrested three individuals. Starting with 31-year-old male who had multiple drug warrants. He was arrested for false name to a police officer, third degree possession of controlled substance, child endangerment, and several outstanding warrants.

They also arrested a 27-year-old woman for child endangerment and third-degree possession of controlled substance. And a 47-year-old woman for multiple drug warrants, harboring a fugitive, aiding an offender, and violating conditions of release.

304 M30 Fentanyl pills were seized from the residence as well as several grams of crushed Fentanyl powder.

The initial child overdose investigation is pending and will lead to an arrest soon.