Trees of Hope: Jen continues to be cancer free and connected with MOCA

Jen’s cancer free and staying connected with MOCA

A look at how MOCA is making a difference in lives of survivors, even years after they've gotten their diagnosis.

WDIO first met Jen Rogers at her Cloquet home four years ago.

Now the ovarian cancer survivor has been cancer-free for four years. “I go get checked at the Mayo. But overall, we’re thriving over here,” she told us.

Her 9-year-old twins, Zac and Kensley, keep her pretty busy.

And she makes time to attend events put on by the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance, also known as MOCA.

She and her sisters enjoyed the Social and Shop at maurices this summer.

Jen wants other women to continue to advocate for their own health. She woke up one morning with excruciating pain, which lead to a trip to the ER and surgery. It was then they found stage 2 ovarian cancer. “I don’t think I’d be here today, if I hadn’t listened to my body,” she shared. “It’s also important to let people help you.”

MOCA has provided an important link to other resources. “They’ve helped me be able to reach out to others who’ve gone through same or similar things. It helps me feel not so alone,” she said.

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