Towards Zero Death’s efforts to curb the hundreds of yearly fatal car accidents

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Towards Zero Death met with its North Eastern Minnesotan members Wednesday. The initiative is made up of all kinds of department members of the state of Minnesota that come together to decide how to reduce fatal accidents on the road.

Fatal car accidents continue to rise in the Northland. Minnesota saw car accidents kill 444 people in 2022, and in Wisconsin 596 people were killed in car crashes.

Impaired drivers, speeding, and not wearing a seat belt are suspected to be results of those high numbers.

With high numbers of fatalities, car manufacturers are station to take notice. Ken Johnson, Assistant State Traffic Engineer says that new technology in vehicles is helping stop fatalities. He says, “Manufacturers are voluntarily putting in emergency breaking systems so if there’s an emergency situation ahead, where the vehicle can automatically stop that is the technology coming into the future.”

But he reminds drivers that the tool that will protect you the most from a crash will always be a seat belt.