Tomassoni Tour will honor late senator, raise money for ALS research

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This September, there will be a two-day cycling event on the Mesabi Trail. 

“I rode the day to route from Highway 26 to Aurora and back, and it is one of the most exhilarating, stimulating trails that I’ve ever been on,” said Ski Hut Co-Owner Dave Neustel. “You’re going through rice paddies and swamps and you’re climbing up and over the Laurentian Divide. And the trail, it’s not like the Munger trail where, you know, it’s only at a 2% grade and flat because it’s an old railroad grade. This goes up and down hills and winds all around. The scenery and the nature out there is just incredible. I’m surprised I’d never ridden it before, and I can’t wait to go back.”

Named after the late senator, the Tomassoni Tour will raise money for the fight against ALS.

The event will be hosted by Never Surrender, the parent company of the Blackwoods Blizzard Tour and the Kolar Toyota ALS Fishing Tournament. Never Surrender recently donated $50,000 to Courage Kenny.

“We’re always trying to bring people’s awareness and physical potential up through mechanical solutions to adaptive recreation,” said Courage Kenny Sports and Recreation Supervisor Eric Larson. “If people can’t ride a two wheeled bike, there’s multiple ways that we can come together, and with the support of the grant that we received from the Never Surrender organization this year, we bought two bikes that not only have three wheels, but they have electronic assist, and it’s tremendous.”

Courage Kenny will be a partner of the Tomassoni Tour, assisting ALS Warriors on the trail.

The Tomassoni Tour will begin with check-in on Thursday, September 14 at Fortune Bay Resort Casino in Tower, MN. The ride itself will take place September 15 and 16th.

“It’s going to be a VIP event, you know, where you’ll have lodging, food, you’ll have support for you during your ride. E-bikes are welcome, are going to have e-bike charging stations out there,” said Neustel. “It’s all in an effort to raise money for the fight against ALS.”

More information about the Tomassoni Tour can be found here