Tiger Cub listed for sale online finds home at Sandstone’s Wildcat Sanctuary

Tiger cub named Indy, has found a permanent home at The Wildcat Sanctuary in Sandstone. She’s five months old and weighs 85 lbs..

Before coming to Minnesota, an Arizona man was arrested in January for illegally listing her for sale on social media. He was apprehended after making a deal to sell the cub to undercover officers for $20,000. These officers found the cub living in a dog kennel in the man’s closet.

While the case was being resolved, the tiger cub was being temporarily kept at the Southwest Wildfire Conservation Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Founder of The Wildcat Sanctuary Tammy Thies said, “We’re so grateful for the care Southwest Wildlife gave Indy during the court case. She’s a healthy, happy tiger because of them.”

Thies added, “As an accredited sanctuary, we commonly assist the U.S. Fish and Wildlife and other authorities on cases like these. Tigers and other big cats are still being sold and trafficked illegally in the United States.”

Staff drove 3,400 miles round-trip to pick up Indy. They say at sanctuary she’ll have a free roam habitat with a heated indoor bedroom, pools, caves, and plenty of enrichment.

The sanctuary tells us they hope to introduce her to other tigers when she is big enough.

The public can watch Indy grow up on the The Wildcat Sanctuary’s Facebook and Instagram pages.