Minnesota and Wisconsin Senators on voting for or against debt ceiling legislation

With the debt ceiling legislation entering the Senate, local representatives are speaking on if they will be voting on the legislation that would suspend the nation’s debt limit through 2025.

This is all to avoid a federal default while limiting government spending. Which many politicians say could be detrimental to many Americans.

President Biden and Speaker McCarthy have been hard at working trying to get Congress to pass the bill, and recently it has passed the House of Representatives.

Now Northland representatives are sharing if they are for or against the legislation.

Senator Amy Klobuchar says she will be voting for the bill. While it is unlikely that Senator Ron Johnson will vote to pass the legislation.

Senator Klobuchar voicing her opinion saying, “A default would mean financial ruin for our country. We’d see spiraling interest rates, we’d see the stock market crash. We know this we’ve been through this before, back in 2011 when even the threat of default changed our country’s credit rating. So that is why it is so important for us to come together on this agreement.”

And Senator Johnson saying, “The house bill increased the debt by about 1.5 trillion dollars. This bill doesn’t increase it by dollar amount, it just suspends it to get by the 2024 election and allowing President Biden and his administration to rack up even more debts. So the house bill was responsible, we should have taken that up and we should have passed that. But this bill from my stand point is not responsible.”