The Minnesota Quilt Show comes to Duluth

Minnesota Quilt Show

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Quilters walked through Canal Park to the Arial Lift Bridge Tuesday June 11th to celebrate the Minnesota Quilt Show coming to Duluth.

The Minnesota Quilt Show is coming to the DECC in Duluth Thursday June 13th and will run through Saturday June 15th.

“It’s a community of people that share the joy, not just of sewing, but of what in the past was considered a craft now being recognized as an art form.” said quilter, Anne-Lu Hovis. “It’s an activity that brings people together, builds relationships, and fosters joy. We have moments where people don’t know each other but can get together and share the love of this artform.”

The show is open 9am to 5pm on Thursday June 13th and Friday June 14th with $15 admission, and Saturday June 16th 9am to 4pm with $12 admission. Tickets can be purchased on site.

You can learn more about the event here.