Superior Mayor’s 2023 budget proposal will not raise property taxes

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Superior residents will not be seeing increases in their property taxes this year. Mayor Jim Paine of Superior explained the 2023 budget proposal was incredibly difficult to make due to inflation from 2022.

“We made a lot of investments in the 23 budget, but really it was about a mitigating the challenges that we’ve been facing in 22 and 23. The good news is it inflated our revenue as well. So a lot of our investments were about just protecting that fiscal strength within the City of Superior.” Paine said.

While many residents might appreciate no increases on property taxes, they still have other concerns this year. Robert Sutherland, a resident in Superior talked about how some people are still struggling with medical costs. “Folks that are depending on medication have had to try and figure out a way they’re going to be able to even afford for that. So not increasing their property taxes is wonderful news because that to me is going to be a benefit.” Sutherland said.

Bruce Edwards, another Superior resident who also appreciated no increases to property taxes, talked about issues with affordable housing. “They’re building all these new apartments in a great. But they start them out so high. A lot of people that are on fixed incomes, you know, it’s tough when you can take 13, 14 or 15 thousand just for the rent and you got to still live.” Edwards said.

Mayor Jim Paine, talked more in-depth about the issue regarding affordable housing in Superior. “Affordable housing is probably the greatest challenge I will undertake in this office. But I feel confident that with a multiple policy approach, really looking at the unique challenges that every single person faces when they go to look for housing. We can make this a city where absolutely everybody can find a safe, stable and affordable place to live.” Paine said. “We will make every neighborhood a little bit better, a little bit more beautiful, and there are going to be more things to do and try and live and experience within the whole city. You haven’t seen anything yet.”

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