Superior district 3 alderperson candidates talk about WI primary

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With the Wisconsin primary results in, two alderperson candidates are in the general election for Superior’s empty city council seat. About one in five registered voters in Superior, participated in the Wisconsin Primary election.

One of the alderperson candidates, Garner Moffat, talked about why he’s running for the city council position. “I went to school for community development and urban planning back at Central and State. So I have a list of almost 100 things that I’d like to work on. Obviously, that’s not really practical for a one year term of the City council.” Moffat said.

Moffat won nearly half the votes for the alderperson position, during the Primary election. He said once voters see his plans for the city it will encourage them to go vote. “I think the more that voters get a chance to meet me and find out about my qualifications again, over 20 years of experience with organizations. We need to figure out ways to increase health in our community and we need to figure out ways to allow people to build sustainable wealth in our community from the bottom up.” Moffat said.

Moffat’s opponent, Darrell Kyle, however, was able to win one in four voters, for the alderperson position. He also said he plans to serve the city of superior with focusing more on safety. “I think that the city council’s primary responsibilities are infrastructure and public safety. So I think that the work that the city does with the police and fire departments is incredibly important. Our greatest export is our kids. I would really love for my two children to be able to spend their lives in the Northland if they chose to, with a good job that enables them to raise a family here, just like I did.” Kyle said.

Kyle also said the most important part of any leadership role, not only alderperson, is meeting with the people you represent and listen to their concerns. “It very, very easily could have gone a very different way with relatively few voters. People count and votes count, and again, they have consequences and results. And I hope to be able to serve the citizens of this ward, whether they vote for me or not.” Kyle said.

The alderperson position for Superior’s district 3 is on the ballot for the Wisconsin general election on April 4th. For more information on on the Wisconsin Primary election you can look here For our story about the Wisconsin Primary results you can read more here