Wisconsin Primary Election Results

Last night was primary election night in Wisconsin, with the main focus being on the state Supreme Court. The results are in and Milwaukee county circuit judge Janet Protasiewicz and former justice Dan Kelly are the top two vote getters and will advance to the April 4th general election.

Conservatives currently hold a 4-3 majority and have controlled the court for 15 years. But an open seat this year gives liberals a chance to take over the majority, with issues like abortion access, gerrymandered legislative districts and voting rights heading into the 2024 presidential election at stake.

As for the Superior city council race– Garner Moffat and Darrell Kyle will be advancing with 49 and 25 percent of the votes respectively. The winner between the two will be decided in the general elections on April 4th.

Justice of the Supreme Court Vote

Janet C. Protasiewicz  — 53.38%

Daniel Kelly 1,288 — 25.47%

Jennifer R. Dorow — 12.86%

Everett D. Mitchell — 8.25%

Write-In Totals —  0.04%

Alderperson Dist 3 Vote

Garner Moffat — 47.87%

Darrell Kyle — 25.00%

Kevin Norbie — 14.94%

Mack Peters — 10.98%

Write-In Totals — 1.22%

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