St. Louis County snowplow drivers hard at work clearing roadways

St. Louis County snowplow drivers hard at work clearing roadways

With this late of a winter snowstorm, St. Louis County snowplow drivers were hard at work clearing roadways for people to have safer travels.

With the snowstorm continuing throughout communities in the Northland, snowplow crews are hard at work clearing roads. St. Louis County snowplow drivers were out Sunday night plowing snow until 8:30pm, and started plowing again at 4am.

Connie Westlund, the Business Agent with Teamsters Local 320, said with many of the schools closed it helped clear up some of the busy traffic.

“One of the difficulties that comes about is working around traffic and keeping everyone safe. When they start really early in the morning, you have a little bit more of an advantage staying ahead,” Westlund said. “These trucks don’t stop on a dime. These guys work super long hours. A lot of times, it can be pretty exhausting. It requires a lot of energy and focus to stay on the road and be safe. Then they go home and then do it all over again.”

Westlund also gave some advice for people plowing their driveways or neighborhood roads.

“Anyone that’s going to clear snow from their driveway or on some of these more private roads, just be mindful. Always be watching, checking your mirrors, just like these plow drivers do. Your head is turning all the time,” Westlund said. “You’re always watching pedestrians, kids, school buses, even the mailman, or just someone going out to check their mail. It requires an extreme amount of focus and attention.”  

If you are planning on shoveling snow or using a snowblower, make sure you stay up to date on the maintenance. Perry Fellman, a mechanic from Willman’s Services Inc. said there’s a process to making sure your snow blower continues to work.

“Every year a person should just do a regular oil change and have it serviced,” Fellmans said. “But if they don’t, then you’ve got to deal with it in the cold like this and you have to drain all the fuel out of it. You have to clean the carburetor if you can.”

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