St. Louis County snow plow drivers likely reject county’s offer

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There is a possible chance of snow plow driver labor strike similar to what happened in January of 2020. St. Louis county snow plow drivers are responsible for their own winter gear. One of the demands from the teamsters local 320 is a $500 yearly stipend for winter clothes and safety-related items. However, St. Louis county’s offer for winter clothes and safety is only $150.

According to a statement from the St. Louis county, the settlement offer has been consistent with other agreements made with two other county bargaining units. However, the teamsters local 320 president Erik Skoog says priority needs to be on the snow plow drivers’ safety. Especially in the cold winter, plowing our county roads.

Connie Westlund, a heavy machines operator explained why snow plow drivers need better working conditions. “To me, it’s a it’s a safety thing that’s really important, having that respect between us and everybody unit and administration, it’s not much to ask just respect in general. Every part of it’s important.” Westlund said.

The Teamsters Local 320 president, Erik Skoog explained why their demands for winter equipment is necessary. “We feel $150. That’s good. If you’re going to buy a pair of cheap boots that are going to wear out on you in a month, but at the end of the day, to our folks deserve better than that. And we need quality gear to protect us from the elements.” Skoog said. The snow plow drivers, are also looking for a $500 annual bonus and a 4% wage increase.

He also said members will likely vote to reject the deal at their meeting on Dec. 19. If they reject the deal with St. Louis county it will automatically authorize a strike. The county meanwhile believes the settlement offer is fair to both the snow plow drivers, businesses and residents in St. Louis county.

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