Sidewalks smothered in snow from snow plows stress out residents

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With record breaking snowfall numbers in December, Duluth residents are unable to shovel snow left by plows on sidewalks. People have resorted to walking on the road, from how treacherous the sidewalks are with the massive amounts of snow.

Duluth requires residents to shovel snow on walkways, sidewalks and boulevards, or face an expensive bill for the snow removal. However, older residents, or suffering from illness struggle with shoveling the heavy, wet snow left by snow plows.

Chakotay Johnson, a Duluth resident, talked about his concerns of residents needing to clear snow from sidewalks. “It’s been so frustrating to try and really get that snow over and clear things out. It’s been a difficult time shoveling snow because the plows come through.” Johnson said. He also explained how the snow from sidewalks can be a safety concern for his family. “But I’ve drove through here multiple times where my car [keeps] getting stuck. It’s just horrible. I have my kids in the car, I don’t want my car to get stuck and I get into an accident. Or something like that.”

The city of Duluth is asking residents to try to at least make a pathway through the snow on the sidewalk. If you are having trouble with shoveling there are volunteer organizations willing to help. You could even ask a neighbor to lend a helping hand this especially snowy winter season we’re having.

This winter season, the city has not handed out any tickets yet for property owners not removing snow from sidewalks and walkways. Also the Life Safety Division will inspect the sidewalks, and the inspector will send a seven-day compliance letter to the owner to clear the snow. If the snow is still on the sidewalk, a third-party contractor will remove the snow. All costs for snow removal will need to paid by the owner of the property.

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