Seeing the Bentleyville lights from high up in the sky

Bentleyville from above

Kenny Johnson went up in a helicopter to check out Bentleyville's Tour of Lights from a bird's eye view!

Throughout December, Lake Superior Helicopters has been giving aerial tours of Bentleyville, avoiding the traffic and giving guests a whole new look at Duluth.

Lake Superior Helicopters offers a wide variety of tours across the day, but seeing Bentleyville light up the coast of Lake superior is something special. “Especially with these nice dark nights maybe with a little clouds overhead you really feel like Santa circling over the town,” says pilot Andy Post.

The Bentleyville tour takes you about 600 feet above the lights. For those nervous about the ride, Post says, “This is one of the safest ways that you can possibly fly, our 44-helicopters are very reliable, we have an excellent maintenance team.”

To find out more about Lake Superior Helicopters’ tours you can visit their website.

The flight takes off from the Duluth Airport and heads towards Bentleyville. But along the way you can see the Aerial Lift Bridge, Glensheen, the ore docks, and even Enger Tower.