Schneiderman’s Furniture challenges Texan furniture store in a charitable bet over the Twins and Astros

Schneiderman’s Furniture is stepping up to the plate with their “Big League Big Giveback Challenge” looking to win a bet for their charity.

With the Twins and the Astros facing off yesterday Schneiderman’s CEO reached out to Howell, based in Texas, for their wager. They wanted to bet on who’s team could win the series.

Schneiderman’s proposal to Howell is this: to mark the occasion, each retailer will donate $5,000 to the charity of the other’s choice, and the winning team’s hometown charity will receive an extra $5,000 from the opposing team’s hometown retailer, for a total donation of $10,000.

“The main goal is just to have some fun,” says CEO Jason Schneiderman, “It’s great to see the Twins having success, and obviously feel a great buzz around them. I’m a big Twins fan, I know Shawn Atkins (Howell) is a big Astro’s fan… and knowing the charities will be the ultimate winners in this.”

Schneiderman’s Minnesota-based charity of choice is the Parkinson’s Disease Research Center at the University of Minnesota.

Jason Schneiderman says, “Parkinson’s research is one that is really special to us or important to us. My dad was diagnosed over 12 years ago. And that’s why our charity is for Parkinson’s research.”