Rising gas prices shock residents throughout the Northland

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The cost of gas prices have been rising dramatically. Minnesota’s average gas price is $3.97, compared to the national average of $3.82, according to AAA on Sunday. Many gas stations throughout the Northland with rising gas prices have shocked residents.

Derek Medved, the owner of Korner Store Inc., said many residents prepared for rising gas prices in the mid-summer not early fall. “I think we were sitting around $3.49, $3.59, I believe, last month,” Medved said. “But, of course, there are some other competitive markets, up in this region. So you’ll see a little bit of price wars at times.”

Medved said the reason for rising gas prices is from market fluctuations and the Flint Mills refinery turn around. “The Flint Hills turnaround that is a significant factor, why things did shoot up significantly and the turbulent effect that we’re kind of in right now,” Medved said. “But the market opens on Monday. We should see hopefully some relief when the per gallon price, and the cost goes down.”

However, Medved, did have some advice for people looking to save money with the rising gas prices. “Consumers will try to find ways. Do the gas stations have discounts for cash? Do you sign up for loyalty programs where they do offer some, cents per gallon?” Medved said. “Shop smart, find out, ask questions and make sure that, you can save, wherever possible because every penny counts”

While residents are trying to find ways to save money, small business owners selling gasoline are also struggling with the higher market costs.

Beth Canate, the owner of Gnesen Convenience and Liquor said smaller gas stations struggle with rising gas prices for customers. “Mom and pop stores and there’s only a few of us left. And in order for us to keep the door open we have to work seven days.”

Canate said they needed to use other means to make a profit like selling grocery items and making authentic Filipino food. However, Canate also said people can save money by using public transportation, car pooling, and even planning out your trips to not waste gas on multiple drives.

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