Residents concerned about power outages during the snowstorm

Residents concerned about power outages during the snowstorm

Northland residents are concerned about power outages during this late winter snowstorm, but Minnesota Power says there are at the ready.

With the recent high winds expected with the snowstorm residents are concerned about possible power outages. Many folks are at the ready prepared with backup generators, but what are the chances of the power going out?

Amy Rutledge, the Director of Direct Communications of Minnesota Power/ALLETE said so far there have been no reports of power outages. However, there are steps people can follow if their power does go out.

“As much as we are ready, and we’re ready to respond to outages, there are some steps that customers can take. First and foremost, have an emergency lights out kit ready to go in your house,” Rutledge said. “Have those working flashlights, battery operated, radio you know ready and in a place where you’re gonna be able to find it, have some blankets or warm layers of clothing ready. Ready as well.”

Rutledge also said if residents are still concerned about having electricity, use a backup generator safely. There are some risks to Minnesota Power/ALLETE crews when they are trying to restore main power.

“But we really ask our customers be very careful and be very safe when operating a generator,” Rutledge said. “Because that can certainly pose a hazard to our crews as they come out to restore power.”

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