Staying prepared during a power outage in winter

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Thousands of residents in the Northland were left without power, and not prepared during the week of December 15th. However, with high winds in the forecast, trees with snow and ice, more power outages are likely.

There are several ways to stay safe and prepared during a power outage. First and foremost make sure all doors and windows are closed from cold winds. Next, make sure to unplug appliances and electronics that use a lot of electricity like televisions or computers.

Make sure to have enough food and water available ahead of time. You can prepare for the power outage with bottles of water and non-perishable food like canned soup, dried fruits, etc. can really help during a power outage. Another helpful tip is having a reliable means of communication to contact officials for updates on the power outage or means of reporting the power outage.

Amy Rutledge of Minnesota Power provided some more helpful tips for staying prepared. “If we are in a situation that involves an extended power outage, we really encourage people to make plans to stay somewhere with family and friends who have power.” Rutledge said.

If you have a portable generator don’t forget it emits a lot carbon monoxide. Pay close attention that the generator is running outside and use heavy duty, outdoor-rated extension cords plugged directly into the generator.

“If you are using a generator, we really ask that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions so that you can keep your family and our crew safe. So we advise customers stay indoors, stay in touch with your communities as well.” Rutledge said.

For more information to prepare for a power outage you can look on Minnesota Power’s website

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