Phone call scammers are on the rise in the St. Louis County area

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St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office are sending out a warning for residents in the 2-1-8 area code. Phone call scammers are identifying themselves as St. Louis County Deputies and asking for payment for supposed fines.

Wade Rasch, is the Division Commander of Duluth with St. Louis County’s Sheriff Office. He said that members of law enforcement do not make phone calls regarding payment for fines. “That is not how the sheriff’s office or really any law enforcement, throughout the state or the country conducts business for that,” Rasch said.

Commander Rasch said they do not answer the phone if you don’t know the number. Also do not call back the phone number left in the voicemail.

“One good tip would always be to do your own research,” Rasch said. “Independently call, whether it’s the sheriff’s office or a business or a bank, call the number that you find. Rather than number that’s left that you think might be might be from a suspicious person.”

However, sometimes a friend, or family member might also fall for the scam, and its important to help them. “You’ll find a fair amount of embarrassment and shame with people who have fallen victim to this,” Rasch said.

Also if you, or anyone you know, receives a call from phone call scammers, make sure to call 911 to file a police report. Any questions regarding payments of fines should contact court administration.

“We’ve seen instances where bank tellers are trying to say, ‘No, I think you’re being scammed,’. Or a convenience store clerks or clerks saying, ‘No, you shouldn’t be buying all these gift cards,’ They’ll do things that are uncharacteristic to try to hide that from their from their loved ones.

For more information on the phone call scams you can look here. Also for more information about the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office you can look here.