Petlandia at the DECC showing furry or scaly fun for everyone

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The Duluth Entertainment Convention Center held the first ever Petlandia at Pioneer Hall with dogs, cats, and even more animals. The fun-filled, family-friendly event had plenty of activities from animal videos, to people facing their fears of snakes and spiders.

Tony Hart, the DECC event planner for Petlandia, pet-owners and animal lovers could enjoy a weekend full of exciting activities for everyone to enjoy. “As this event grows, we’re hoping to bring in rabbits and birds and make this a full on pet experience,” Hart said. “We even had horses yesterday. I was walking from the Dock Dogs over to another booth and got cut off by a tortoise. This tortoise has covered the entire length several times.”

One of the many highlights folks enjoyed was the Dock Dogs Northern Stars, where canines competed against each other with running, jumping and swimming in a 27,000 gallon pool. Kailey Smith, Dock Dogs Northern Stars president said this is the first time the organization has been back in Duluth in ten years “It’s so awesome to see all these people here watching. We have it on our calendar for next year, the city of Duluth is beautiful.”

Also for pet lovers who prefer scales rather than fur, Petlandia had the Snake Pit, where people could hold constrictors. Jason Christensen-Macor, and his family created Supernatural Morphs where they could share the love of snakes with other people.

Christensen-Macor did have some advice for people thinking about having a snake or any other pets that aren’t cats or dogs. “Whatever you’re looking into, make sure you do your research and, connect with the local folks,” Christensen-Macor said. “Ask them what they think or where a good thing would be to start with. And we’re all very hopeful. The exotic pet community has been nothing but kind to me. And of course, you’re all welcome to join.”

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