Officials urge safe bonfire habits this fall

Fall is a popular time for folks to have bonfires. The Duluth Fire Department is reminding people to be responsible when having bonfires and to be prepared if the fires happen to spread.

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It is suggested that fires remain small. Three feet by three feet is the recommended fire size in the city of Duluth. The fire department also suggests that people have tools to put out the fire. They recommend a bucket of water or a hose if there is one nearby. A fire extinguisher is recommended as a water alternative. They also suggest burning “clean wood” as opposed to plywood or old construction scraps.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is also offering safety advice for people cooking outdoors. They suggest keeping your campfire, grill, or camp stove in an open area, away from anything that might catch fire including dry grasses and overhanging branches.  The DNR also urges people to never leave their fire/grill unattended. At the end of the night, make sure the campfire is out cold. They say to drown, stir, and repeat until it’s no longer too hot to touch.