Nurses Appreciation Week: Spotlight on Felicia Shultz at St. Luke’s

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Felicia Shultz used to be a broadcast journalist. “It was fast paced, and you got to meet a lot of people,” she shared.

But after raising her kids, life took her down the road to health care.

“So I was kind of thinking, well, maybe nursing would be a good choice for a lot of the same reasons. Meeting lots of different people from all walks of life, a fast-paced environment, rewarding. So that’s kind of how it came to be,” she said. “And with nursing, there’s plenty of jobs for everyone.”

She went through the nursing program at Lake Superior College, and has now been a nurse for about 7 years.

“I absolutely love being a nurse. It was a great decision, hands down. I love interacting with people from all different phases of their life. You know, that one on one connection that you get, that relationship between a nurse patient is can be very rewarding and helping them.”

Her message to others who may be considering this career? “If you’re passionate about it, you’ll figure it out and you’ll get there.”

She told us she feels fortunate to be at St. Luke’s, where there is a positive work culture. And she works with a great team of nurses, that call eachother their work family..