New snow maintenance techniques showcased at St. Louis County workshop

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Wednesday, St. Louis County invited city municipalities to their snow maintenance workshop to learn new techniques for snow removal.

Chad Skelton, Fleet Property Manager for the St. Louis County Public Works, says, “We are on the cutting edge of road maintenance and we just want to share all that technology with anyone who can benefit from it.”

This included upgrades to the trucks, blades, and new information on how they monitor the snowfall and how much liquid agent is used.

The new trucks, equipment, and the brine making station were showcased for the municipalities to see with an expert talking about each subject.

One of the main focuses was the brine. It’s a mixture of salt and water that helps melts the ice and snow more than just plain salt. Plus it helps out the environment more too.

Environmental Engineer Carol Andrews says, “Salt, that chloride builds up in our lakes and streams and that’s no good environmentally. It’s not going to go away.”

The county says all the ideas to improve their plowing comes directly from their operating staff.

“The staff is so smart. The operators, the information they bring to the table on this, I really like how the county has empowered the operators to help us do better,” says Andrews.