New gun legislation reactions from residents in the Northland

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Gov. Walz signed a recent bill into law with background checks and a red flag law. However, the new gun legislation reactions are mixed to say the least. While some residents have approve of the new background checks, others have concerns about the red flag law.

Patricia Kukull, the co-owner of Superior Shooters Supply, talked about the new gun legislation reactions from a gun dealer’s perspective. “As far as the dealers concerned, this bill now, compared to the first one introduced, we’re much more comfortable with that.” Kukull said. “The first one introduced was, ridiculous and something that could never even be enforced.”

Kukull said talked about how the new background checks can actually help improve safety. “We’ve been here a long time, 45 years almost, the hunters’ safety classes has improved. All safety across the board has improved greatly. We have, more ranges now that are carefully monitored. So I think I can see that is improving.” Kukull said.

Aaron Knickerhen, a salesman at Superior Shooters Supply, said the new gun legislations reactions about the red flag has been a touchy subject for gun owners. “What concerns me with that and would concern a lot of other people is what necessarily draws a line.” Knickerhen said. “Obviously, we have a problem with mental health and firearms access, but we also have a problem with breaches of privacy. You want to know what specific action could potentially criminalize. You can get your civil rights taken away and what won’t.”

Knickerhen also said that the new background checks is not too different decades ago. “I’ve been doing background checks for about five years on and off as a salesman here and other gun stores in other states around the country. A lot of it has been pretty much the same since as far back as the early seventies. From what I can tell, very few of it has changed in terms of the questions and actually what they look into.”

Knickerhen did say the best way to prevent an accident with guns is to keep them locked in a storage, like a gun safe. However, he did acknowledge that 100% relies on personal responsibility of the gun owner. If you would like to know more about the new gun regulations you can read more here. For more information about the new gun legislation reactions you can look here.