Multi-Family yard sale on 57th block of Juniata St. to help CHUM

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Five families on the 57th block of Juniata St., formed a Multi-Family yard sale to help their community. The sale was from June 10-11th from 9AM-3PM, where half of sale profits will go towards supporting CHUM. However, there was also a food donation option where you can exchange non-perishable food for a $1 sale item.

Books, clothes, furniture, craft supplies, outdoor gear, houseware and more are available at the Multi-Family yard sale. Angela Fulghum, a resident in Duluth, talked more about the idea of the yard sale. “Through the winter we have just kind of accumulated things and we usually bring it to savers or goodwill. But it just started piling up and decided to have the yard sale instead.” Fulghum said. “I’ve always been a fan of CHUM and worked with them in the past. So I wanted to contribute, and then just thought we’d invite the neighborhood.”

Fulghum also said that helping out the Duluth community is special to her, and the Multi-Family yard sale has helped raised over $100 towards helping CHUM. “I’m from Duluth, I’ve always known about CHUM and have helped them in the past, volunteering with the Rhubarb Fest, which is coming up, too.” Fulghum said. “But I was a AmeriCorps member for a couple of years and more involved with all the organizations in town helping families living with poverty. So that’s just kind of my near and dear to me is helping with that.” Multi-Family yard sales can help with bring in more donations to further CHUM’s efforts towards helping the community.

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