Most Duluth natural surface trails reopen Saturday

Natural surface trails across Duluth have been closed for about a month during the spring melt, but the Parks and Recreation Department is reopening most of them at noon Saturday.

However, the city says if you encounter a trail on which you’re leaving a footprint or tire print in a wet and muddy spot, turn around to avoid damaging the path.

A few trails will remain closed, including:

  • Portions of the Superior Hiking Trail
    • Magney Snively to the N 24th Ave. trailhead
    • UMD to Martin Rd. trailhead
  • Mission Creek trails
  • Spirit Mountain trails
  • Fairmont Duluth Traverse
  • Kingsbury Duluth Traverse
  • Brewer Park trails
  • Piedmont trails
  • Hartley Park
  • Lester Park

Other portions of the Superior Hiking Trail, the Duluth Traverse Trail, and parks like Enger, Lincoln Park, Chester, Congdon, and Hawk Ridge are open.

Duluth Parks and Recreation says people should expect to find debris on the trails after the wet, heavy snowfall over the winter.