Minnesota to reopen e-bike rebate applications

Officials with the Minnesota Department of Revenue released a statement Wednesday, June 12, that they planned to reopen applications for e-bike rebates. In collaboration with Minnesota IT Services, they have been working to bring the applications back online after the application website crashed shortly after launch last week.

“The date and time for when applications will reopen have not been determined,” explained the statement. “The Minnesota Department of Revenue will provide at least four days’ notice of the date and time of the reopening through our normal channels – press release, social media posts, and email.”

Anyone interested can sign-up for email update here.

Fewer than 80 people were able to successfully get in their application before the process was paused the first time around.

The state has earmarked 2 million for rebates to offer discounts of up to $1,500 on qualifying e-bike purchases.