‘Minnesota Mean’: A look into the world of roller derby

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Duluth Superior Film Festival is especially proud of its film line-up, including featured documentary Minnesota Mean.

It follows six members of the Minnesota Roller Derby Team as they compete for The Hydra, the top international prize of the sport.

As director/producer Dawn Mikkelson tells us, the story is about much more than that, “What really compels me to tell this story- and bring this story forward -are these powerful athletes who live big lives on and off the track.”

Dawn says, if you go, expect to be surprised, “It really illustrates what it means to be a powerful woman at this time.”

“I just love roller derby and everything about it.”

Mikkelson worked as a reporter at WDIO, so bringing this film to Duluth is special in that way, but also because their is a lot of exciting things happening with film in the area.

“Duluth and Northern Minnesota are really up and coming areas for film,” Mikkelson told WDIO. “The tax incentives are amazing. And that’s getting a lot of attention across the county.”

Minnesota Mean plays Saturday 4 p.m. at the Zeitgeist Zinema. After the feature, there will be a panel featuring members of the Twin Ports Roller Derby Team.