Minnesota DNR tips for having a fun and safe 4th of July

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While people are preparing this weekend or on 4th of July, it’s important to stay safe and have fun. Some of the Minnesota DNR tips have for residents this weekend from fireworks, to boating and camping.

Due to drought conditions, there are fire restrictions in place for the Counties of St. Louis, Cook, Lake and Carlton. Karen Harrison, the Minnesota DNR Statewide Wildfire Prevention Specialist, Forestry Division, says that more than 98% of wildfires are due to humans.

“If people are having a campfire, please keep it small. It should be three feet in diameter by three feet high or smaller. In an established firing,” Harrison said. “And oftentimes those campfires, what we see causing a wildfire is when it’s left unattended. r it’s not put out cold all the way.”

However, one of the main concerns the Minnesota DNR have involve people staying safe while boating. Lisa Dungan, a Minnesota DNR Recreational Safety Outreach Coordinator, Enforcement Division, said people who share resources like the lakes and trails also share in being responsible.

“Looking at statistics annually from Minnesota. 90% of boating related drownings drowning victims are not wearing a lifejacket, which of course is a troubling trend,” Dungan said. “Last year, boating statistics show that 50% of Minnesota’s boating fatalities involved alcohol as a factor.”

Sara Berhow, an Integrated Public Relations Supervisor for the Parks and Trails Coordinator explains how residents cannot light fireworks in state parks. “For people who prefer not to be around fireworks, you know, not everyone enjoys the bright lights and the loud sounds that come with firework stuff,” Berhow said. “People who are looking for a quieter place to spend the holiday. A state park might be a great option for you.”

“Over the holiday, and the weekend, as people are celebrating, whether you’re out on the boat or operating an ATV ride sober, save alcohol for when you’re done having fun for the day,” Dungan said. “The most important thing is making sure people are making positive memories and getting home at the end of the day.”

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