Memorial Day ceremony at Gary New Duluth Veterans Memorial

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Memorial Day is a day all Americans take a moment to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. For those who have lost someone in service to out nation, it is a highly emotional and introspective day.

Since 1868, Memorial Day has been observed in the United States of America to celebrate and honor the valiant sacrifice of brave men and women who gave their lives defending our great nation.  

In commemoration of the day, a special program was held at the Gary New Duluth Veterans Memorial. In attendance were government officials, service members, family members of fallen heroes and the general public.

The Keynote speaker Craig Fellman said the day is for grief, celebration, for reflecting on the loss of life and recounting the courageousness of dedication to service.

“To truly honor the lives that we’ve lost, we must share their stories with others and ensure that their memories live on even though they are gone. No matter where the battlefield was, the mountains of Afghanistan, the deserts of Iraq, over the skies of Europe, the islands of the Pacific, the frozen terrain of Korea, the jungles of Vietnam, wherever it was, the stories of the fallen matter and they need to be told.”

Duluth Mayor Emily Larson spoke at the event.

“I thank you so much. I thank this community, for the passion that you have for telling the story of all our neighbors. I thank the families whose names have been shared today, please know that your family member lives on with us. While we are here to remember people, I do want to actively thank our veteran community who are with many families who make this work. We want you to know and understand that the city of Duluth really values and appreciates the service and sacrifice of your family.”

Also at the event was Law Enforcement Chaplain Father John Petrich.

“For the veterans who have returned home to us, we will never forget the story of the service and the sacrifice of those who have fallen in battle. We will never forget, and we will remember their families always and keep them in our hearts.”