Mason Branstrator and his Golden Eagle all ready for Grandma’s Marathon

Mason Branstrator psyched to do first Grandma’s Marathon

Mason Branstrator has trained hard for his first ever Grandma's Marathon.

The wheelchair division of Grandma’s Marathon has thinned a bit, due to the forecasted rain.

But one first timer can’t wait to get rolling.

Mason Branstrator has been training hard for this. “I feel ready, I’m excited, and can’t wait to bring the good energy. Hug people that show up for me,” he said.

The 20-year-old has done a 10K and a triathlon. And a practice marathon.

He doesn’t wear shoes. But for this race, will be donning gloves. And then there’s the racing chair, which he calls the Golden Eagle. It’s gold, and it’s the Eagle brand.

And he has a secret sauce. Sap! “I put it on my gloves, and it’s stickier, so I can push easier and get a grip,” he told us.

He was a sprinter and soccer player in high school, before a serious spinal cord injury on the ski hill. He hadn’t considered doing Grandma’s before. But now, he can’t wait to cross that finish line.

Mason has a major social media following. Here’s his Instagram handle: @mason_branstrator

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