Local reaction to gender affirming and abortion bills

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On Thursday, April 27th, Governor Tim Walz signed three bills into law that are meant to protect abortion and gender-affirming care as well as ban the practice of conversion therapy in the state. We wanted to delve into what local reaction has been to this historic signing.

“For me I think doing the work that I’ve done in community with Trans Northland over the last 8 to 9 years, we’ve seen a lot of progress. Even before the signing, we have already talked with folks and for us, we believe that we’ve been building a really safe and inclusive community here in the North land,” says Sean Hayes, Co-founder/Chair of Trans Northland.

“In terms of abortion and reproductive justice, I would say that this is monumental for women especially and I think the folks who’ve been left out of the conversation often, which is trans masculine people like myself and nonbinary folks, gender nonconforming people,” continued Hayes.

“I think that the biggest challenge that we have as Trans people when it comes to people who might be on the fence is ignorance. Ignorance can kill Trans people and it has in many, many cases,” said Aleana Kruger, Vice Chair of Trans Northland.

Hubbard Broadcasting’s KSTP has created a Legislative Tracker to follow other legislative developments.

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