Northland residents prepared for late snowstorm with generators

Northland residents prepared for late snowstorm with generators

While there might have been some unseasonably warm weeks this season, how are Northland residents preparing for the late snowstorm?

Throughout the past several weeks there’s been some unseasonably warm winter days. Although with this late snowstorm, residents in the Northland are preparing for the worst.

Colin Skotzke, a part-time logistics associate at Harbor Freights Tools, said there’s been worse snowstorms in recent memory.

“This winter has been wild up here, especially compared to what it was like last year,” Skotzke said. “I think last year we were sold out of a lot of our generators for all of the majority of last winter. While this winter, we haven’t sold a whole lot, but it seemed like a lot of people have been kind of jumping ahead of the storm.”

The Duluth snowplows will be out removing snow early in the morning. Although Skotkze said if people do have to drive tomorrow, there’s a few tips to keep in mind.

“Obviously go slow, I mean, who knows what the roads will be like because a lot of the time it’s kind of hit or miss,” Skotzke said. “Also having your lights on when you’re on the road. Give an adequate distance between vehicles, so hopefully it mitigates the amount of accidents.”

Although for folks who don’t need to travel tomorrow during the late snowstorm it’s important to have emergency items. These can range from small essentials like batteries or a flashlight, to larger necessities like a non-electric source of heat. Jeanette Olson, a Duluth resident said she’s already making plans to keep her family safe.

“Make sure you have all the supplies you need. A winter kit, with the extra coat you stuff in case the car stalls, that’s always important,” Olson said. “Make sure that you’ve got your water in case the electricity goes out, and your pump isn’t gonna work. Make sure you’ve got a supply of water on hand. All the food and cupboard items that you can use during the time. Until you can get out and about again.”

For more information on how you can prepare for driving during the winter storm you can look here. We will update more information about the snow fall happening in Duluth.