Helpful tips to conserve water and lawn care during a drought

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Whenever a drought happens, its essential to know how to best take care of a lawn and conserve water. Some helpful tips can range anywhere from watering in the morning, to using a soil probe to measure moisture. However, there are several other ways you can maintain a lawn even in extremely warm temperatures.

First and foremost, an easy way to save money to take care of your lawn is to conserve water. Try using a rain barrel, or catch cans that take some water from an automatic sprinkler.

Braden Kowalski, a Duluth resident, talked more about the importance of conserving water during a drought. “I know making sure you get them watered as best as you can while keeping in fact that we are in a drought.” Kowalski said. “And you don’t want to waste too much water. It’s very important to make sure you watch your water levels.”

However, if there is little to no rain during the drought, try watering plants early in the morning from 4am-6am. The water will soak up in the ground rather than evaporate if the lawn is watered in the middle of the day.

Also it’s important to water your lawn deeply, with one inch of water, but this should be done infrequently. The reason is to help the grass grow deeper roots, and not be overly dependent on too much water during a drought.

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