Governor Walz outlines his One Minnesota budget proposal

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Governor Walz visited Laura MacArthur elementary to talk about his One Minnesota budget proposal. The $12 billion proposal aims to help make Minnesota the best place for families. Some of the issues being tackled are child poverty, mental health resources, and supporting public education.

The One Minnesota budget proposal also includes a nation-leading child tax credit, providing lower income families $1,000 per child with a maximum credit of $3,000. The goal of this child tax credit is to cut child poverty by 25%. “We have to make sure in Minnesota we’re putting the fun and the professionalism and trust of people who are doing it. We think this budget gets there and takes the pressure off folks.” Gov. Walz said. “A lady has four kids. Her cost a month is $239 for school lunch. There’s a lot of families that can’t [pay for that]. But even filling out the paperwork impacts the reimbursements that come back to the school affect compensatory aid and those types of things. We’re going to take that off the table.”

Superintendent of Duluth Public Schools John Magas, also talked about how the One Minnesota budget proposal could help improve schools. “But really, when we think about the funding for early childhood and Head Start programing, that makes a huge difference because those early investments mean that our economy will be better in decades to come and that our citizens here in Minnesota will be strong, well-educated and prepared for the future.” Magas said.

Governor Walz also talked about how teacher retention rate could be improved upon with the One Minnesota budget proposal. “And I think the things that we can do with retention certainly are pay, certainly are the resources. Certainly providing the support staff like counselors and mental health help, making sure when that child walks through the door that they’ve had stable housing, they have had access to health care. We’re talking about universal meals.” Walz said.

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