Flying high and fast at the 2023 Duluth Air Show weekend

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Residents throughout the Northland, and people coming beyond Minnesota and Wisconsin witness planes flying high and fast at the Duluth Air Show. Even though it takes a lot of teamwork and effort to bring it all together. The Duluth air show, produced by Kern and Kompany Marketing and Special
Events, was held in 2001, but it only gets bigger every year.

Jodi Grayson, the Duluth Air Show Media Director, said members watch different air shows in other parts of Minnesota. This helps improve the spectators’ experience for the Duluth Air Show.

“We planned this stuff well in advance. We take a look at every year’s previous air show and review what went right, what went wrong, and go from there.” Jodi Grayson said. “We are so pleased of the turnout that we had for the 2023 air show. It’s just been a phenomenal weekend. The weather has cooperated. All of the acts have been performing. It’s just been amazing.”

Jodi Grayson also says it can help invite newcomers to Duluth. Especially since you’ll never know who or what you’ll see in the sky. “Every air show is completely different because you actually don’t really know until the week of who’s coming,” Jodi Grayson said. “Except for the main headliners. And so they want to come back to do it. So that makes this air show a success because we have the performers and then the community support. The crowd wants to come.”

Anyone is welcome to sign up and participate in the high-flying performance. Logan Grayson, the Duluth Air Show Assistant Media Coordinator, said that the shows get better every year.

“Everyone here is the best of the best,” Logan Greyson said. “They spend hundreds and hundreds of hours into getting their acts perfect together and coming out here and all this coordination that goes into it. And as easy as it seems, just to come out here and watch it like there’s a lot of effort going on behind the scenes and it’s super cool to see it all play out.”

There are plenty of ways people can help the Duluth Air Show though volunteer opportunities. “It’s all about the people coming up here and getting to see these planes and the performers putting on the acts that they’re doing and gets everybody excited,” Logan Grayson said.

“And if you’re really interested, you can volunteer and come up here and help out some of the vendors help out some of the security in any way. Everyone appreciates a little bit of help.”

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