Fire Suppression Tool demonstration held in hopes of getting more out to the public

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Saturday, the Freemasons of Minnesota held a demonstration of a new type of Fire Suppression Tool (FST) at Lake Superior Colleges’ Emergency Response Training Center. They hope to raise funds to donate the device to communities across Northeastern Minnesota.

The FST is an aerosolized unit designed to be thrown into any room with a fire. When deployed it produces a thick cloud that interrupts the heat and the oxygen bind in the fire and can reduce the heat of the fire.

Which buys firefighters time they desperately need. Heath Wiersma, Junior Warden of the Dalles Lodge #181 says, “Time is super important when it comes to firefighting. So being able to gain that time for Firefighters to getting on scene and fight that fire is huge for us.”

With the FST cooling the blaze from around 1,000 degrees to closer to 200, the device would be crucial in making sure crews have enough time to set up and protect properties and save lives. And getting the Fire Suppression Tools out to the community is the Freemasons’ next prioty.

Heath says, “To be able to get these things out into the public and free of charge to them from a donation from our local area lodges is a huge thing.”

Right now they’re working on getting funding to make that a reality. And in the mean time they hope to motivate other lodge members to consider investing. After seeing the device operate first hand.