Fantastic fosters make for a caring team at Great Tails Animal Rescue

Fantastic fosters help Great Tails Animal Rescue

Great Tails Animal Rescue is foster-based, and they have fantastic foster homes for their animals.

Sadie Long loves animals. She’s always got several in her home. And some of them are fosters for Great Tails Animal Rescue in Grand Rapids.

“There’s such an abundance of animals everywhere that need homes. So if I can take them in temporarily, it’s rewarding,” she said.

And Great Tails makes it simple for fosters. “They provide all the supplies, from litter, to food bowls, blankets and beds. And the vet care. You don’t pay for anything. You just open up your home until someone comes along to adopt them,” Long explained.

Great Tails has space at the Central Square Mall, but they are working on fundraising for a new shelter in Cohasset.

Even when that’s built, they’ll still need fosters for special cases, like Tank. He’s a tiny kitten found under a tarp at a construction site.

Lacey Paulley, a co-founder of Great Tails, has always liked animals as well. “We would like to give them a second chance, and make sure they are able to find good homes.”

It also provides her kids a lesson or two about empathy.

There’s also a new pet food shelf this year, thanks to help from First Call for Help.

Great Tails now has a pet food shelf to help fosters

A new way to help animals in need is a pet food shelf, run by Great Tails and their partner First Call for Help.

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