Family pets received blessings during Sunday morning service

On Sunday morning, Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Duluth and United Lutheran Church in Proctor held a special church service. Family pets received blessings during the church service in part of both church’s celebration of creation.

Pastor Liz Davis on United Lutheran Church, said family pets who could receive blessings could be anything from dogs and cats to birds and reptiles. “We all love our pets. And so we decided to have a special day when we could celebrate those pets,” Pastor Davis said. “Remember that’s part of our call as Christians to care for all creation. And we do that most likely with our pets in our house.”

As for family pets that couldn’t attend the outdoor service Pastor Davis still said a blessing for those pets. Pastor Davis also said the service could help people with grieving for a pet that recently passed on.

“Today, for our worship, we invited people to bring in pictures,” Pastor Davis said. “If anybody wants to have their pet blessed or wants to remember a pet who has died, they’re welcome to contact our office.”

If you missed the chance to attend the pet blessing service, Pastor Davis said you are more than welcome to make an appointment. “We have some little treats already bagged with blessings that you can take with. I love to meet pets so you can come and set up an appointment.”

The United Lutheran Church is also having a Walks of Wonder on Wednesday September 13th at Hawk Ridge. People will get a chance to learn about raptor migration in the fall and go for a walk out on the trails.

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