Duluthian spreads Skol Spirit as a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader

Duluthian spreads ‘Skol Spirit’ as a Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders

Karlyn Nessa is from Duluth and she shows Kenny Johnson how to have 'Skol Spirit' with the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders.

Down in Eagan Minnesota the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders are always hard at work practicing their routines at the Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center, better known to many as the headquarters of the Minnesota Vikings.

And Duluthian Karlyn Nessa is helping the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders spread Skol Spirit throughout the entire state of Minnesota. She’s been a part of the team for two years.

“I used to watch the games growing up, and was always like, ‘oh, look at the cheerleaders’,” Says Karlyn, “‘Like, they’re so cool and pretty and they get to dance, like, as their job.'”

Aside from dancing for the Vikings, Karlyn is also a grad student. She says the other girls also have big things happening in their lives outside of MVC too.

“A lot of us are full time students or have a full time job and then we’re coming here and giving it all for our teammates and for our coaches. You get to meet all these new people and they’re all doing their own separate lives that are so cool. And everyone’s just like a role model in my mind,” says Karlyn.

For MVC there’s a lot that goes into what you see on the field. Dance Captain Casey McNally explains saying, “We have a pretty quick turnaround time with choreography. Typically, we’ll learn a dance sometimes a month or two in advance, but most of the time it’s a couple of weeks before reviewing it, cleaning it, drilling it, and then performing it a couple of weeks later. And sometimes choreography is thrown at us at the last minute and we just have to be prepared for anything.”

Both women agree when it comes to game day, it’s a totally out of this world experience.

“I’ve never heard anything so loud before. It’s the energy is insane and the fans are insane and you just feel so much support, like sitting next to your teammates and even the fans and yeah, it’s just crazy,” says Karlyn.