Duluth nurses push to unionize

Duluth nurses push to unionize

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Nurses working at the third street clinic, and the patient flow hospital announced their push to unionize at a press conference at the Duluth Labor Temple Monday June 10th.

Nurses at the First Street clinic, Second Street clinic, Miller Hill Surgery Center and Solvay Hospice House have already organized unions with the Minnesota Nurses Association.

“We are asking for our benefits to be protected, safe and fair working environments, and fair wages. We want to protect the ability for continuing education opportunities with the rapid changes that are seen daily in the medical field,” said Dee Budish, RN at Essentia 3rd Street Clinic. “Our love for nurturing and providing the best patient care is often overlooked when the nurses do not have a voice at the table.”

Nurses stated that by unionizing they hope to better negotiate working conditions, patient care standards and their personal employment terms.