Duluth Marshall celebrates Homecoming with tailgating and a soccer game

It feels like school just started, and on Friday, it was all about homecoming for Duluth Marshall Hilltoppers.

The school will celebrate this annual event this evening right before the boys’ soccer match when they face off against the Bluejackets of Hibbing/ Chisholm.

Moments like this are about getting everyone from students, parents, staff, and more excited to be a part of the Hilltopper community.

“I think the energy is super important. I think our school spirit, is something we’re really trying to work on and really get people excited for homecoming this year,” said Senior Noah Schultz.

Senior Claire Ehlers-Nelson added, “Yeah, I know our grade has tried to increase school spirit a lot. It’s one of our big missions kind of bringing the hype back to homecoming.”

“I definitely think that as upperclassmen it’s our job to kind of get the entire student body hype, not just the high school and obviously the alumni too. So get them excited for our games and just student-led activities, stuff like that,” Junior Naida Hutchinson mentioned.

The Hilltoppers win big over Hibbing/ Chisholm, 7-0 to wrap up their homecoming.