DTA asking for feedback on new routes and the ‘Better Bus Blueprint’

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On August 27th, the Duluth Transit Authority started from scratch, said general manager Rod Fournier.

New buses, technology and bus routes are all apart of the ongoing changes happening on our roads. However, with any new changes comes concern. Management at the DTA say this is a community wide effort, and they are asking for feedback to help what they call the Better Bus Blueprint progress.

Fournier says the Better Bus Blueprint has been in the works for a few years now.

After many public meetings, hearing feedback from the community as well as looking at research from other cities, Fournier says this is the best option that’s been brought to the table.

He mentions the project won’t stop here however. “Most of the concerns people have voiced so far are things like their bus stop being a block further than before or what their route has been discontinued. We want to hear all concerns, so we can help meet everyones needs.”

The Duluth Transit Authority has resources for disabled riders through a program called STRIDE. However, you must apply and gain qualification for the program.

“The Better Bus Blueprint covers 98-99% of the ground it previously covered, but there are some area affected,” Fournier. Mangement adds to sign up for their email alerts if you are a bus user to stay in the know when buses are late or there are any road closures.

If you would like to give feedback or voice a concern, visit the DTA’s website. Management is asking for feedback from not only passengers but also drivers as well as community members.