Chester Bowl welcomes fall to Duluth by hosting the 38th annual Fall Fest

Saturday, Chester Bowl celebrated fall in Duluth by hosting the 38th annual Fall Fest.

The event brings in hundreds of people from the region to check out the event which to many is the unofficial start to fall.

Around 130 vendors participated, selling goods like pumpkins, corn, pottery, candles, paintings and more.

Also in attendance were musical performers: Austin Castle with Cole Mikel, Matt Hannah, and the CC Group. Along with 10 food vendors.

The Fall Fest accepted suggested donations at the entrance t support the Chester program scholarships for kids and families needing financial support to participate in the winter skiing and snowboarding program or their summer camp.

Last winter the Chester Bowl Improvement Club awarded over $42,000 in winter scholarships to families in need of financial assistance, and awarded over $31,000 in summer camp scholarships this year,.