Businesses react to Yamaha no longer making snowmobiles in 2025

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Yamaha recently announced on Wednesday that they will no longer be making Snowmobiles. They will stop selling snowmobiles in North America through the 2025 model year. However, many people in the Northland are upset, because it’s been a beloved brand for the past half century.

Tony Bianchi, of RJ Sports and Cycle said for many folks, Yamaha was a game changer beyond the other competitors. “There’s a lot of people that bleed the blue snowmobiles that are out there and they’re going to basically have a place in everybody’s heart for a long time,” Bianchi said.

However, one of the many reasons why Yamaha will no longer be making snowmobiles, is because of the difficulty of creating a more environmentally friendly snowmobile. “But as kind of times have gone on things have kind of settled in where Yamaha realizes there’s other avenues where they can make more money, be more profitable.” Bianchi said.

For the residents who stick with the Yamaha snowmobiles, the company will still abide by their ten-year warranties of the vehicle. “There’s a brand loyalty there. Yamaha built some of the most reliable, longest lasting snowmobiles that there are ever has been. So they’ll just continue riding what they have until they’re ready to hang the coat up,” Bianchi said.

Due to a partnership between Yamaha and Artic Cat, both share similar motors and other parts for both their snowmobiles. Bianchi says many Yamaha snowmobile owners will end up switching to Artic Cat after 2025. For more information about Yamaha announcement you can read more here. For other snowmobile stories you can read more here.