Burger Paradox and Corktown Deli are now open in Lincoln Park

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Burger Paradox and Corktown Deli had their soft open to the public today at 4pm. Both restaurants are owned by Duluth Grill owner Tom Hanson. Burger Paradox is the newest business venture specializing in cocktails and smash burgers in a dive bar atmosphere. Corktown Deli meanwhile offers different sandwiches and other daily house made soups and other specials.

Dan Lefebvre, the Burger Paradox Managing Partner talked more about the why the Craft District needed a burger bar. “We just wanted a space that people can relax and feel comfortable come out on the late nights when you’re hungry and you don’t want fast food.” Lefebvre said. “I think a lot of times when we’re cooking and eating in our own restaurants, we’re like, ‘Man, I wish we could have done this in a bar.’ Now this is our chance. You know, like we all have different things that each restaurant that were like, this would be really good on a burger or a chicken wing sauce, you know?”

Lefebvre also talked about how Burger Paradox is offering malts with alcohol with summer right around the corner. “We went through nine gallons of ice cream last night, so I think that’s something that people are into. Ice cream and malts go well you know with burgers and we’re a bar so we threw booze on them.” Lefebvre said.

Corktown Deli also reopened after moving to a new location. The business first opened in 2018 at 1906 W. Superior St., but due to the small location, the co-owner Jeff Petcoff said it would move to 102 S. 27th Ave. W. near Duluth Grill.

Jeff Petcoff said the move was bittersweet, because it was a great location, but they needed more space for their operations. “We’re excited about our larger space and just to see what we can do to serve customers even better than we had before lunch can be a bottleneck at our old location. People kind of depend on a quick and fast lunch. I feel that we can perform that here at the location.” Petcoff said. “We’ve got some classics on the menu that we’ve stuck with, like the Corktown pub and that kind of a big deal. Our Reubens are still on the menu, but we’ve also brought in appetizers and some new bowls and some flatbreads, things like that. We’re really proud of the menu that we’ve got put together here.”

Burger Paradox is open from 4pm-11pm every night, and Corktown Deli is open from 11am-8pm every day.

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