Body of 18-year-old recovered in Lake Michigan drowning

According to a Facebook post by Wells Street Beach Inc. Concession & Parking, the body of 18 year old male recovered about 1/2 mile from where he was expected to have entered water.

The Wells Street Beach Inc. Concession & Parking did provide information on how to identify dangerous conditions of the lake.

One of their main points is listening to the beach patrol, pay attention to warnings,, and identifying dangerous wave conditions.

By knowing where the safety stations are in the Great Lakes and how to use them can help in strong waves.

When you know how to float, tread water (with waves hitting you), bob, go under waves, and access a current it can help to escape rough waves and get out of it and back to shore.

Fresh water has less buoyancy, than salt water, and you sink faster. This creates less time for a swimmer to be near the top of the water to be spotted and rescued.

During wavy days waves turn up the sand creating low visibility- making search rescues very difficult.