Bikers gear up for Duluth’s mountain biking season

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With Duluth’s wet spring, bikers have been itching to get on the city’s mountain biking trails. Will no official opening date, it’s all up to when the trails dry out for bikers to ride on them.

In the meantime, frequent mountain bikers say it’s best to make you’re geared up and get your body ready for the season ahead.

“You know biking can be tough if you are not in shape and it’s a great way to get in shape. But it’s more fun when you are prepared,” says Ski Hut Store Owner Dave Neustel.

According to Dave, the trails this year are expected to be a lot of fun for bikers, both new and returning. “We did a lot of trail work at the end of last year and once we get all the snow off the ground and once the ground thaws out, they’ll be a lot of new trails to explore,” he says.

The trails in Duluth are nationally recognized as well. The International Mountain Association calls Duluth’s tails the gold standard.

And coming up in July is the Bike Duluth Festival. The two day event draws in thousands of bikers locally and from across the nation. Joe Thornton, Event Marketing Partner says, “People want to be on their bikes, people want to come. But this area in particular, the event being at Spirit Mountain, we really have world class downhill race opportunities. When you are really an enthusiast there’s hardly any other place that’s better for people to experience great mountain biking.”

You can register for the Bike Duluth Festival here.