A Bayfield high school basketball player broke a 62-year-old record

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They say that records are meant to be set and broken, and at Bayfield High School in Wisconsin, a long-standing record was broken earlier this year.

From his coach to those who know Quintin Bresette, they say he is a humble young man. On February 3rd, in a basketball game on the road against South Shore, he became a scoring machine knocking down 58 points.

“One of our star players was out, so I knew I kind of had to step up and didn’t really keep track of my points that much. After the game, people were telling me that I scored 58 and all. I didn’t know what the record was or that I broke it at all until a week after.”

On that Friday night, he broke a 62-year record for most points in a game that was set by Butch Vanderventer in 1961 when he scored 54 points. Learning that he no longer held the record had Butch feeling a little down.

“Well, the feeling was kind of bad. I felt kind of bad about it, but at the same time, I felt happy for somebody that broke it. It was long enough, it needed to be broken and I’m glad that it was him.”

The style of basketball and the way the game was played back in the 1960s is completely different from today’s game, as Vanderventer reflected on those times. “It’s faster, they can jump higher, run faster, and everything else. Back then, we never had the three-pointer; it was all jump shots and layups.”

Quintin is about to finish his sophomore year of school, and he already has his eyes set on chasing a few more records in his high school basketball journey.

“I want to break the three’s record, and I want to break the all-time school record for most points.” The record for most three’s in a game Bresette shared is nine or ten, and the school’s all-time record for most points currently stands at 1,400.

In July, Bresette will be participating in the Native American indigenous games representing team Wisconsin in Nova Scotia, Canada.