Public Meeting for traffic safety improvements at Lowell Elementary School

Duluth Public Schools and St. Louis County Publics works held a meeting Monday night to discuss possible options for traffic safety improvements at Lowell Elementary School.

“But it comes down to the fact that safety is our number one priority. We believe at St. Louis County, and there’s a county board resolution to this fact, that traffic fatalities and serious injuries are unexpectable,” said Vic Lund, St. Louis County Public Works traffic engineer.

The current traffic route involves a single route around a small parking lot, the congestion that results has led to safety issues, including backups onto Rice Lake Road. Most of the backups occur before and after school.

Lund spoke at the meeting; he explained the history of the intersections and the changes they have made in the past few years to help improve safety. Lund also described the seven different potential solutions for the Lowell Elementary intersection, some that have already been discussed or implemented.

The project has been in discussion by St. Louis County, Duluth school district and the City of Duluth for months. The Monday meeting allowed potential solutions to be discussed and community members had the chance to voice their opinions.

No official decision was made at the meeting, but input from the community was noted.

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